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Capture the essence of soul through quality music & proven technique.

About the Artist

Specialty: Mr Nicolls can play the piano, but not extremely adroit. He has done piano accompaniment on stage and during his You tube videos. He has the ability to produce, video edit and has a general understanding of mixing and has an acute musical ear. He has also had mentorship opportunities from other producers in the industry and this has equipped and informed his skills. 

Born in the Caribbean, on the twin island- the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago. Mr. Jeremy Nicolls was raised in the church and was greatly impacted and influenced by his parents, who were early pioneers within the musical and ministry arena. His sound and musical pursuit was further bolstered by Gospel greats, such as, Fred Hammond and Smokie Norful. Mr Nicolls’ skills extends to him thriving by becoming a skilled videographer, with the capability and clientele to freelance as a Video Editor.

It came as no surprise that by four years of age, Mr Nicolls, would proficiently recite the lyrics to his favourite songs and imitate the adlibs and vocal runs from the records. His Parents noted his gift and would encourage him to undertake opportunities at the family church to minister in song.

Jeremy was prompted by family and friends to start posting You Tube videos, singing his favourite songs. He has since then gained the following of thousands of people on all his social media platforms. He has amassed a loyal following of over ten thousand followers on Instagram alone, off the merit of his vocal abilities. After receiving such overwhelming responses, it became clear that his gifts would open more doors for him.

Jeremy has graced the stage at NYU and recorded jingles for one of the largest Christian radio stations in the USA- 98.7 Kiss FM, a NYC based radio station.

When questioned about his passions and pursuits, Mr Nicolls has been asked about his biggest source of influence. His responses are as follows- “The Bible. I like the practicality of the stories. They have helped me through some tough decisions. My parents- I’ve seen them accomplish some impossible things. They taught me that dreaming big isn’t a bad thing”.